• Guitarist



    I am in a constant flux of study and performance evolving new techniques of playing guitar in several styles.

  • Artist



    I have been studying painting since I was 5 being around artists all my life has ingrained the passion and insight of the fine arts.

  • Actor



    My character study is immense focused on defined personal methods that produce life changing roles.

Unique Guitarist

Peter's flawless technique allows a degree of emotional expression that is very rare in today's music. -Michael Minutoli-

WITH OPEN EYES ojos abiertos

CD featuring some of my compositions performed by Steve Kuhn, Eddie Gomez, Bob Moses, Jerry Bergonzi, Tony Silvera, Charley Lachapelle, and myself.

1. Acoustic Blues Intro ~ 2. Blues For You,s ~ 3,4. Ivy / Half Mast ~ 5. Beautiful Love ~ 6. Graced ~ 7,8. Poem For #15 ~ 9. Muse For Painting ~ 10. The Sky At Night ~ 11. Tower Window ~ 12. Times That Were ~ 13. 40 Acres And A Mule ~ 14. Cornsilk Bender ~ 15. Climbing Ivy ~ 16. Etude #441 ~

“Peter has struck gold here – he has a great rhythm section and every sound speaks of a new beginning.” -Archie Shepp-

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